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What We Offer

  • Promotion and visibility through advertising campaigns, facilitating and accelerating the development of the Company

  • Opportunity to leverage on our premium editorial contents

  • Multiplatform and multi-territory planning through a combination of TV, web and radio

  • Advertising and promotion know-how (media planning, creativity, etc)

  • Support services for the Company (online marketing experts, etc)

Value creation proposition


Process: help from the creation to the execution of the advertising campaign

Planning: implementing cross-media and cross-country TV, web and radio advertising campaigns

Fine tuning: only for Ad4V partners, possibility during the campaign to increase the percentage of the best performing programs/channels and reducing the ones with small reactions so to speed up the metrics increase

Flexibility: possibility to move the campaign starting date according to the company needs

Creativity: offering a valid know-how in terms of spot creation (creativity related to the TV performance)

Diversification: strong support in the creation of the unconventional adv (domination: brand and long video 60')

Extras: possibility of editorial content created ad hoc and hosted in Mediaset digital properties for promoting the referral traffic and increasing the brand awareness


Growth: accelerate and fuel the company development

Expantion: Enlarge client base (i.e. couch shopping)

Trust: final goal of the TV campaign: the most relevant purchasing factor in e-commerce surveys in Italy