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Why we invested in Playspace

RDesign - 2 Marzo 2018 - 0 comments

By Carlos Vázquez, Investment Manager at Ad4Ventures Spain (Mediaset Group).

Ad4Ventures is the venture capital arm of Mediaset Group (leading free to air television broadcaster in Spain and Italy), focused on television media for equity deals. Ad4ventures has become the largest media for equity player in Southern Europe.

What is it?

Playspace is a social and casual games developer with a solid community in Spain and Latam, and, currently consolidating in Italy. It offers friendly gaming experience where players can meet other people in a safe environment.

Playspace’s games are freemium to play with in-game boosters, extra-life and avatar add-ons for oneself and/ or to give away by buying playspace’ tokens.

Games range from traditional board games to card games, such as Parcheesi, Burraco, Domino, Bingo, Truco, etc…


· Solid unit economics: measured, followed and optimized to the most granular level

· Positioning as native mobile player, leading the Spanish market in social gaming in their two main games (Bingo and Parcheesi)

· Proven TV impact: Playspace is one of these company that prior to an M4E run TV test campaigns with us. TV impact was so quantifiable and tangible in terms of scalability, market