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Why we invested in Moddo/Modalia

RDesign - 1 Marzo 2018 - 0 comments

By Carlos Vázquez, Investment Manager at Ad4Ventures Spain (Mediaset Group).

Ad4Ventures is the venture capital arm of Mediaset Group (leading free to air television broadcaster in Spain and Italy), focused on television media for equity deals. Ad4ventures has become the largest media for equity player in Southern Europe.

What is it?

Moddo is a technological provider that has developed a diverse suite of solutions to meet the current trend of the retail market (on-line and in-store) with omnichannel solutions including:

– B2B software solutions: POS, omnichannel integration or other advanced services and optimization tools

– Malls: full set of integrated solutions to help increase monetization bringing customers to the next digital level

– B2C fashion marketplace, to help offline retailers monetize online


· Management expertise: large experience in retail sector, giving them the advantage of knowing what small and medium retailers need.

· Omnichannel solutions: the combination of many different solutions for retailers (instore and online) from POS to an online marketplace to sell their products (Modalia) can make them be competitive against online giants

· Malls: the real value of the company, the digital transformation of Malls, integrating the commercial centers with their shops into one platform that integrates all developed tools (integrated online site that operates as a logistic hub (warehouse), facilitating last mile delivery, loyalty cards, use of instore tablets to support sales, integration to Modalia, eBay or Amazon to boost sales, etc). Moddo is in a superb position to globally lead this transformation

· TV Fit: reinforce the brand Modalia, bringing on the one hand, additional sales to their retailers customer base, while gaining strong trust with offline retailers to sell them the full stack of solutions (POS, tablets, online integration, etc)